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This week in Crave: The artsy-smartsy edition

This week, we painted using an old typewriter, rested our weary heads on a pillow headset, and starting saving up for our trip to balmy Kepler 22-b.

Too busy tweeting your way through the symphony this week to keep up with Crave? Well, get up out of that "tweet seat," readers, and catch up on what you missed.

• ThinkGeek's Drum Machine shirt makes your chest a percussion section.

Chromatic typewriter
The "Chromatic Typewriter": a new use for an old gadget. Tyree Callahan/

• Test-driving OnLive for tablets (and what are the best tablets for gaming anyway?).

• Typewriter hack turns keystrokes to brushstrokes.

• For dapper geeks, a very modern pocket watch.

• Behold the $9.4 million iPhone 4S (in its defense, it does sport real diamonds).

• So, is AT&T really that bad?

• Stockpile those miles: New Earth-like planet could make a nice vacay spot.

• Rest your weary head on a pillow headset.

• And the iPhone App of the Year is...

• Take a closer look at the PS Vita interface.

• And then, take a closer look at this week's podcast:

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