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This week in Crave: The animal-magnetism edition

This week, we live-chatted with a bird on Facebook, climbed aboard a pirate ship, and pretended to be an evil-looking monster saving the world.

Delia's painting
Click on the above image to see which up-and-coming young artist painted this masterpiece using an iPad. Amanda Kooser/CNET

Too busy talking to a live parrot on Facebook this week to keep up with Crave? Here's what went down while you were chatting up your feathered friend.

• iMacs got faster CPUs, Thunderbolt ports.

• Why isn't Nintendo's 3DS selling well? Some thoughts.

• New Nook likely to get e-ink treatment. (What's in store for e-ink this year anyway?)

• Meet our favorite Blu-ray player of 2011 so far.

• Artistic cat + iPad app = Motherwell with an obvious Jackson Pollock influence.

• Don't judge this monster by its evil looks.

• A new weapon in the piracy battle (piracy as in "arrr," that is).

• Listen up, lazy lovers of live music.

• Into leather?

• Close the curtains on annoying noise.

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