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This week in Crave: The all things '09 edition

This week, we looked back at some of the most popular products of 2009 and experienced fear at the hands of the giant Yeti microphone.

alkaline batteries
CNET tested the performance of traditional alkaline batteries. Eric Franklin/CNET

This week was all about looking back--at the most popular TVs, home theater products, cell phones, desktops, digital cameras (and more) of 2009.

We also looked ahead to CES 2010 in January, where we expect to see a number of computing trends, including smartbooks, new Atom processors, greater integration of 3D technology, and growth in SSDs.

Other stories we had our eyes on this week:

• Is "Zelda: Spirit Tracks" worth the ticket to ride?

• Battle of the alkaline batteries.

• Not a bad R2-D2 impression--for a robot.

• Sony's future gaming controller: What won't it have?

• The Yeti microphone is huge--like, disturbingly huge.

• This Canon EOS 7D laughs in the face of cold and snow.

See anything we missed? Got a great gadget tip we should know about. Give us a shout at crave at cnet dot com.