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This week in Crave: The all-the-ooze-you-can-use edition

Ceatec and CTIA weren't the only things going on in the gadget world this week. Here are some of the other big/interesting/amusing stories we covered.

Between the two giant gadget extravaganzas we covered--Ceatec and CTIA--we wouldn't blame you if you found this week's gadget news a bit dizzying. But in case Android devices and singing robots weren't enough to make your head spin, steady your footing: here are just some of the other big/interesting/amusing stories we had our eyes on here at Crave.

• Dell's superthin new Adamo made a showing.

• Meet one gutsy reconnaissance robot.

The Firefighters Assistant Robot can really take the heat. Hoya Robot

• This suit's good for the board room--and the sick room.

• Crave camera guy Josh Goldman wanted to know: Why so much hate for the Memory Stick?

• This tripod is so MacGyver.

• Microsoft mice are getting tres touchy.

• More ooze on "Spore," the movie.

• Fancy yourself a Sarah Palin-signed Xbox 360? How about one signed by someone else famous?

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