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This week in Crave: Skivvies, Macs, and fake eyeballs

Yes, it's Friday already. Here's a look back at some of the best and worst that appeared on Crave this week.

Sure, PMA was lots of fun, but there was plenty of other stuff going on here at Crave this week. Here's some of the best and some of the worst.


• We took a look at the new 24-inch iMacs from Apple--and liked what we saw.

• We brought you news of "trashy" lingerie made from recycled materials. We won't tell if you click.

• Strangely, it seems Amazon wants to help the iPhone be the Kindle killer with its own Kindle app. It works, but there's some strangeness.

• We can rebuild him: Meet the quasi-bionic eye camera. Do not want, but kind of do want. Chinese DVD pirates, take note.

The foyer of my new mansion. Frank McKinney

• Craver Justin Yu channeled his inner Shania Twain in putting down the new Mac Mini. In a nutshell: $200 gets you a decent laptop with more features.

• We also covered the next place I will live. No, really, I'm working on the financing. Bloggers can get great loans for eco-mansions in this economy, right?

• I'll take one of these amazing eco-friendly supercars to go with it. You've got to have the complete package these days.

See anything we missed? We're not perfect, it can happen. If so, get to us at Crave at cnet dot com and we'll take a look.