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This week in Crave: Nailed-to-the-wall edition

It's a long weekend, friends, and that means you'll likely be spending a little of your extra free time on the Interwubs catching up on Crave.

It's a three-day weekend, friends, and that means you'll likely be spending extra time on the Interwubs. Which surely means you'll be catching up on all things Crave. We'll make it even easier for you by highlighting a few of the most popular stories from the past week.

• Marvell Technology is teaming with the OLPC foundation on a tablet project. Target price: $100. We'll see.

• Japan--home of giant robots and topless game shows--wants to build a $2 billion dollar moon base by 2020. Sign me up.

Sarah Tew/CNET

• A study shows that the Pac-Man stunt Google pulled a few days ago may have cost 4.8 million work hours. Honestly, I was on a break.

• We got another indication the new iPhone is coming in just a couple of weeks due to a leak BGR received. I'm getting in line now.

• Speaking of BGR and iPhones, Boy Genius also told us about a new insurance-for-iPhone plan that goes live June 6, a day before the WWDC keynote. Interesting, yes?

• And the survey says...iPhone owners are the happiest phone owners. And, I'd wager, the most smug. I know I am.

• If you have a PS3, you now have HBO, or at least its original programming. If you haven't seen "Rome" yet, stop reading this and go watch.

• "Rome" is even better with a decent surround sound system, and Bose has a new, simple one that you can hook up yourself for only $2,000.

• Two new ways to attach your iPad to a wall (or just about anything): Velcro and plastic hooks. Check out how these DIY honchos display their giant iPhones.

• Also, this car is really, really ugly.

See anything we missed? Write to us at crave at cnet dot com.