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This week in Crave: Cool laptops, steamy handsets, and giant DSis

What you missed in Crave this week. Here are just some of stories we covered.

Too busy to stay up to the minute on Crave this week? Please submit your excuse to the Crave tribunal. In the meantime, here are just a few of the many stories we had our eyes on.

Acer laptops got cooler--literally.

An unlikely star of steamy YouTube video: new Exilim Casio.

Dell Adamo in white
Dell's Adamo: actually, it's not white, it's "pearl." CNET

The future looks white for the Dell Adamo.

Finally, a cure for iPhone embarrassment.

Full Metal iPod?

A DSi that's way bigger than you.

Latest TV remote: your hand.

Gray baby-bot: Cute or creepy? We're leaning toward the latter.

See anything we missed? Be sure to write to us at crave dot cnet dot com. And have a fabulous weekend!