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This Week in Crave: Apple v. Palm, Round 2

Our favorite things on Crave this week.

CNET/Screenshot by Bonnie Cha

Another week comes to a close, and surely you missed some stuff. Here's a sample of some of our favorite things from Crave from the last five days.

• Palm throws down with Apple. After last week's iTunes update cut off the Pre's ability to sync with the service, Palm came back with its ownsoftware update restoring iTunes access. Apple, your move.

• The Plastic Logic e-reader will come equipped withAT&T 3G service built in.

• Scientists build artificial rat's brain, look to replicate human version next.

• False advertising: Transformers Edition Camaro does not, in fact, transform.

• Two big Apple rumors this week: An iPod Touch with camera(which is almost a given), and the Mac tablet pegged for early 2010.

• Who says there aren't any good Wii games? Not CNET's Scott Stein, who swears by Little King's Story.