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This week in cheap spy gear

Books that double as hidden video cameras let you do some spy work on the sly.

Book cam

The Hidden Book Cam from BrickHouse Security is great for parents who leave their toddlers in the care of the maid while they are out. This inconspicuous video camera blends in well with your encyclopedia collection and can record footage to see if the maid was Snow White or playing the Wicked Witch to your kid.

Book vid
BrickHouse Security

On a lighter note, the Kozika by SuperHeadz is a more fun camera, utilizing the almost-obsolete 110 film format to snap shots. It is similar to the Ikimono shooter we spotted before. Even if you can't find the film, it still makes a great talking point when friends pop by and you get them to spot the fake on the bookshelf. Side note: what's with the Bambi figurine? Does that come with? Quick, someone order it and let us know.

The Hidden Book Cam ships in wired or wireless versions and prices range from $99.95 to $299.95. The Kozika is much more affordable (and cuter, too) at $32.

(Source: Crave Asia)