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This website lets you create your very own cat purr

If your allergy-prone roommate won’t let you have a cat, Purrli's the next best thing.


Purrli is one of those internet things you didn't know you needed, but immediately you can't live without it. Purrli.com lets you create a custom cat purr, and is absolutely purrfect for background noise during a long day at work away from your favorite feline friends.

The most entrancing part of the site is the breadth of customization, allowing you to make a unique purr suitable for any need.

Need to boost your energy? Max out the Happy, Lively and Overjoyed settings. If you're looking for more of a relaxing deep focus vibe, move the scale toward Relaxed, Steady and Sleepy (maybe not too much if you're at work).

A purr generator is a breakthrough for folks like me who spontaneously combust around cats in real life, but still love and appreciate them from a distance. For my own health, this is probably as close as I'll be getting to a kitty anytime soon.