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This USB flash drive makes faces

If you've got a high tolerance for , you might like these little USB 2.0 flash drives by Mimoco. They come in yellow and blue and have bug eyes and funny faces--Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

Credit: Mimoco

The first bunch of MimoBot drives, labeled the Cosmo Series, will debut on Sept. 9 at a coming-out party befitting funky flash drives. The fete will take place at Giant Robot New York and will feature MimoBot designer Yahid Rodriguez and DJ DB spinning tunes. Why didn't I get to go a party like that when I bought a flash drive that looks like a key chain?

The Cosmo Series includes four drives--named Protobot0, Protobot1, Isadore (pictured) and Fairybit--that come in 256MB, 512 MB and 1GB versions and are preloaded with an original music mix by DJ DB. Hey, if the gadgets don't work the way you want, you can always hand them off to your toddler.