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This trash bin can drive to the curb and back

Find taking out the trash a bit tedious? YouTube tinkerer Colin Furze has an idea that makes the chore as fun as piloting a remote-controlled car.

Most of the things inventor and YouTube host Colin Furze has created are more for entertainment and shock value than actual usefulness. Case in point: his real-life Wolverine claws. Or his magnetic boots that let him hang upside down from anything metal. Or his high-voltage ejector bed. Or...well, you get the idea.

But now Furze has created something truly useful. It's a remote-controlled garbage can that can be driven to the curb and back.

The invention would save a lot of hassle. You could stand in your nice comfy house, and with a few pushes on a joystick, get your trash out in front of your house for pickup. When the can's empty, just grab the remote again and drive it back where it belongs. No more dealing with rainy nights or chilly mornings.

Well, maybe Furze needs to work on it a bit more, because the contraption crashes a few times in the above video. But that's really due to the small space of the inventor's workshop. Outdoors, it seems to work pretty smoothly. So smoothly, in fact, that Furze is planning to post another video on Sunday in which he takes the trashbot, or a wheelie bin as he calls it (because he's British, right?), out on the town to bemuse the locals.

The gizmo has two lights mounted on the front that look like robot eyes and it melds components from a motorized wheelchair with an ordinary trash bin. We asked Furze if he has any plans to take it to the next level and market it. Unfortunately, he says he doesn't.

"It is a great idea and someone could maybe market it, but that's not for me," he told us. "Once I've got them working I'm straight on to the next project, as my subscribers just want more and as quickly as possible."

I feel a Kickstarter campaign coming on.