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This super-cool DOTA 2 VR demo video has me believing

Virtual reality has a lot of hype around it, but CNET's Aloysius Low was only cured of his scepticism when this DOTA 2 VR demo was unveiled.

If like me you haven't yet been convinced of virtual reality's potential, your inner sceptic could be blown away by this VR demo of Valve's online battle arena DOTA 2. As a rabid DOTA 2 fan, who has religiously watched most of the game's big-money tournaments, this looks to be a godsend -- now I can be fully immersed in my favourite e-sport without even having to hog the TV.

The system lets you watch live commentary while interacting with player totems to check their items (and hopefully stats), and hover over a virtual battlefield to make sure I'm not missing out on the action. Check out the quick demo video above to see what I'm raving about.

Of course, there are still a few things that I have yet to personally work out, such as where to find the cash for the HTC Vive ($800, £689 or AU$1,340 with shipping) and the major upgrades I'll need to give my rig to drive the whole experience. But it's clear that my colleague Scott Stein was pretty much blown away by the experience. Hopefully I'll get the chance to try this out soon, perhaps at the next DOTA 2 Major being held in Manila in June.