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This striking short video will rekindle your love affair with the moon

It might be only eight minutes long, but a new European Space Agency video takes you all the way from the moon's "cataclysm" to its future.

There's been a lot of news about far-flung exoplanets, distant nebula and remote black holes lately, but lest we forget the floating marvel right here in our backyard, the European Space Agency has released this exceptional new video that surveys our relationship with the moon.

It discusses everything from a period of time known as the lunar cataclysm -- in which the moon was bombarded by the meteors that helped to create its pockmarked look -- to early exploration missions, like Apollo, which saw "the arrival of humans at the surface of another solar system body for the first and only time in history." It also explores what an Earthling-inhabited moon might someday look like.

Along the way, you'll discover how we can listen deeper to the universe when we get on the moon's dark side and block out all of Earth's radio interference. The video also reveals how we could mine the moon for rocket fuel one day and much more.

The video is just less than eight minutes, but, thanks to a well-conceived script, a soothing voice-over (by someone who sounds strangely like Jude Law, don't you think?) and outstanding CGI effects, you really do get a comprehensive look at the moon that should help rekindle your love affair with our super satellite. And yes, it IS a satellite, Isaac Mizrahi!