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Star Wars wampa-cave coffee table includes Luke's lightsaber

Experience the chill and danger of a wampa cave with a custom coffee table tribute to the harrowing scene where Luke Skywalker escapes from an ice-beast.

Time to use your Jedi powers.

Tom Spina Designs

When you're hanging upside down in the cave of a bloodthirsty wampa, what you really want is a nice hot cup of coffee and good table to set it on. Tom Spina Designs built a detailed wampa-cave coffee table for just such an eventuality. It replicates the look of the creature's lair from "The Empire Strikes Back" and features Luke Skywalker's lightsaber stuck into the snow. The lightsaber is removable in case you need to actually battle a wampa.

The coffee table is made from hand-carved foam with a glass top. Tom Spina Designs is known for its custom-crafted furniture for themed rooms like home movie theaters. The company created a series of Death Star wall tiles, a Han-Solo-in-carbonite desk and a coffee table depicting the Millennium Falcon in an asteroid field.

Once you have a table like this, decorating the rest of the room becomes easy. You just need a Chewbacca-skin rug, a wampa-head wall trophy and a Death Star mood light. Throw on a comfy wampa-skin dress as a warning to other wampas and revel in the sheer Star Wars fandom of your surroundings.