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This spoon is smarter than us in the kitchen

"Spoon Scale" automatically does its own measurements.


It's not often that we have one of those why-didn't-I-think-of-that moments at Crave, but this is definitely an exception. That's probably why we just write about inventions instead of create them and retire.

The idea behind the aptly named "Spoon Scale" is as useful as it is disarmingly simple: Just scoop what you think you need and let the integrated digital meter do the fine-tuning. Showing immediate results on its built-in LCD, this battery-powered scooper is purportedly accurate to "down to the last 1⁄10 gram," according to OhGizmo--and, thankfully, can be programmed to measure in ounces for the metric-challenged among us.

This intelligent scooper even has an option to weigh ingredients added to the original measurement, making it ideal for the most difficult culinary feats that leave no margin for error. Which, for the record, is something we'll never know anything about.