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This six-legged robot flowerpot is your house plant's new bestie

It's also juuuuust a little creepy.


The Vincross Hexa is an agile six-legged robot primarily for learning and exploring robotics. It also partially owes its creation to a dead sunflower. 

Hexa will dance when the plant is "happy."


In 2014, Vincross' founder Sun Tianqi created an installation project of a walking succulent plant called Sharing Human Technology with Plants, he said in a post to the company's forum

Hexa plays with humans. 


The idea for the project stemmed from a sunflower exhibition he saw that same year. In it, he noticed a dead sunflower near other blooms that was out of reach of the sun and thought that if the plant could have moved itself out of the shadows, it would have lived. 

Hexa will move the plant into the shade if it gets too hot. 


It was this experience at the exhibition that would lead to his installation project and eventually Vincross' first investor for Hexa. Tianqi decided to revisit the project. He used a standard Hexa, but replaced its shell with a dual-layer flowerpot to hold a small succulent. 

Hexa will rotate to get sun on the entire plant. 


The robot mobilizes the plant and, using its various sensors, is basically able to care for the plant by making sure it gets enough -- but not too much -- sun. Hexa is also programmed to get grumpy and do a dance when the plant needs water. 

Hexa will move into the sun when needed. 


You can find out more about what Hexa is capable of on the company's site.

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