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This robot projector is a mix of Pixar lamp and R2-D2

The Tipron robot projector can move around the house and project at 1,280x720 pixels from almost every angle.


Robot companions are cute and all, but what can they actually do for you? Well, this one from Cerevo can follow you around and project movies, TV shows and more.

The Tipron will project an 80-inch screen from 3 meters away with a 1,280x720-pixel resolution. While the projector itself is modest, it's not what sets the Tipron apart.

Just watch the robot move to specified positions around the house, shifting into a more compact driving mode when in motion to avoid collisions with objects.

It has a 180-degree horizontal turning range, along with a 90-degree upward tilt for ceiling viewing and a 35-degree downward tilt for projecting from an elevated platform. It also comes with a 5-watt speaker built into the body.

The Tipron projector robot is a stylish little guy, with clear inspirations from science fiction. With Cerevo being responsible for some interesting creations, such as the outlandish Dominator handgun replica from hit anime show Psycho-Pass, that's no surprise.

A dedicated app lets you operate the Tipron, setting movement plans throughout the house, as well as what content to display and at what times. The robot also has a scheduling function installed, meaning it can project YouTube content as an alarm clock, and it can deliver projected news with its built-in RSS reader. Once the schedule is complete, it will navigate to its dedicated recharge base.

While the Tipron is unique as far as projectors go, the price tag is a little steep at 229,800 yen ($2,300, AU$2,700, £1,600).

You can find more information about the product as well as where to purchase from the Cerevo page here. Only available for purchase in Japan right now, the US version is expected to start shipping in January 2017.