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This May the Fourth, look back at amazing 'Return of the Jedi' art

A Star Wars Day spectacular! Take a trip through Ralph McQuarrie's vision of the alien worlds and characters seen in "Return of the Jedi," which celebrates three decades this year.

A conceptual drawing of the Rebellion holding a strategy session regarding the destruction of the second Death Star. Ralph McQuarrie/Lucasfilm, courtesy of Eric Carl

Spark your sabers, feed your Rancor, and fire up the X-Wing. It's May 4, a fabulous makeshift holiday that plays off the saying "May the Force be with you" and gives fans of the sci-fi saga yet another reason to openly celebrate "Star Wars" films and culture.

To commemorate the occasion, check out an incredible collection of conceptual drawings for "Return of the Jedi" by legendary artist Ralph McQuarrie.

The illustrations, which hugely influenced the aesthetics of the sets, characters, and vehicles in the movie -- astounds due to McQuarrie's sensational use of color and detail. You'll explore the wretched depths of Jabba's Palace, hop on the back of some Ewoks, and see epic spaceship battles near the second Death Star. "Return of the Jedi" celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

Once you've scrolled through the gallery, come back and tell us in the comments how you plan to mark Star Wars Day.

May the Fourth be with you!