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Wearable Tech

This TENS massager is on sale for $28

It's a compact, portable and drug-free way to potentially offer relief from sore muscles.


I'll bet you TENS to one you'll like this deal.


I recently woke up with daggers sticking out of my neck and shoulder. No idea how they got there, but I was rather alarmingly debilitated for the better part of the day. I tried lots of remedies. Nothing worked.

The one thing I didn't try, and which lots of people suggested, was a TENS unit -- that's short for "transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation." It's an electronic, portable, drug-free system that promises to stimulate blood-flow and relieve muscle pain. I still haven't tried one, but some folks swear by them.

And here's one I might just pick up for next time: The MomMed 24-mode TENS Unit for $27.99 with promo code ELVYWTOT. It normally sells for $45, though it's currently on sale for $40 without the code.

See it at Amazon

This model features an iPhone-like rechargeable touchscreen controller used to set the mode, intensity and so on. It comes with three sets of replaceable pads.

Again, I have zero experience with these devices, and a quick perusal of Amazon will show you dozens of very similar ones, mostly in the $35-40 range. If you already own a TENS and can weigh in on their efficacy, please do!

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