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This mandala melds religion and technology

Peek at this technological twist on the mandala -- a common symbol seen in Eastern religion -- made of microchips and other miscellaneous electronic components.

Mandalas often feature a circle in the center of the drawing with four surrounding gates. Leonardo Ulian

Italian artist Leonardo Ulian's mesmerizing piece "Technological mandala 02," doesn't look like the average sacred art commonly seen in Buddhism and Hinduism.

Ulian, based in London, created the mandala with hundreds of microchips, circuits, resistors, and other components found within everyday electronics.

"I wanted to show what has been hidden from the eyes of the consumer, representing electronic circuits as extraordinary objects where the perfection of the design can become almost something ethereal," Ulian said of his techy art in an interview with Colossal.

Anyone with even mild experience in soldering may recognize the unreal number of connection points in the near 4x4-foot mandala, which undoubtedly took a long time to perfectly solder, align, and assemble.

See more of Ulian's creations in his personal portfolio, which includes several additional mandalas and other oddities.

A closer look at "Technological mandala 02." Leonardo Ulian