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Computer Accessories

This Lego-friendly keyboard is one you won't mind bricking

There's no reason why you have to act like a grown-up just because you're typing very important things. So why not have a bit of fun in the space between the keys?

Taking the definition of "build your own" to new lengths...

Claire Reilly/CNET

You can say one thing about Taiwanese trade shows like Computex: They certainly bring out the obscure and fantastic gadgets. More often than not, these finds disappear back into the shadows, never to be seen again. But I'm hoping this one goes somewhere!

The i-Rocks keyboard is certainly cool at first sight, with backlit keys that light up in different colours when you strike them.

But the real selling point is the Lego (or should I say "bootlego" -- it's not official) board that runs around the edge of the keys. Build a command station next to your command key, stand your minifigs next to your number pad. The options are endless, and so is the potential for procrastination.

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