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This impressive playable Lego grand piano has moving pieces

Tickle the tiny ivories on this intricately detailed Lego model of a concert piano.


This fan-made Lego piano has moveable keys, a working damper and even a self-play mode.

Lego Ideas

Prepare to be impressed by this fan-made Lego model of a miniature grand piano with working parts.

Made of 2,798 Lego pieces, the piano has the same kind of mechanical details you'd see in a real piano. 

It has 25 independently moveable keys, a removable keyboard and 25 piano strings.

Other noteworthy features include a working damper and pedal and a piano lid that can open.

While this Lego piano doesn't play actual musical notes, it does feature a self-playing function enabled by adding PowerFunction, which allows the piano keys to play at different tempos and rhythms.

There's even a height-adjustable bench in case you want to sit any of your action figures down to pretend to play Mozart or Coldplay.

Lego builder SleepyCow hopes his intricate grand piano is impressive enough to get votes from fans on the Lego Ideas site so Lego can consider making it into a real mass-produced kit available to buy in stores.

"Ever since I started learning music, I have always wanted to build a piano out of Lego bricks," SleepyCow wrote on his Lego Ideas page. "I have also been asked many times by my students about the inner workings of a piano. I think this will be a great set to teach students about piano mechanics."