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This large Crock-Pot is just $17.49 for today only

It is so slow cooker season.


Having a reliable slow cooker is perhaps the closest thing to having a personal chef. Quickly drop in a roast or tenderloin before leaving the house in the morning, and arrive home to a mostly complete meal, ready to go with almost no work left to do. You can experience all that ease and convenience by snatching up a highly rated silver 5-quart Crock-Pot Cook & Carry slow cooker for half off, currently less than $18 at Best Buy as Deal of the Day. 

Crock-Pot is the leading slow cooker brand -- so much so that its name has become interchangeable with the handy appliance. Perfect for impossibly tender meats, wings, chilis, soups and more. And with a certain football game just a few short weeks away, this might be a good time to arm yourself with one of the most useful kitchen appliances ever.

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The 5-quart Crock-Pot has enough capacity for entertaining big groups, three easy heat settings and a tight-locking lid for easy transportation. It doesn't qualify for free shipping but order online and pick it up in-store for free anytime.