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This kitchen tool's a long thyme coming

Can't grow your own herb garden? The Prepara Herb-Savor should keep cut herbs fresh for up to three weeks, so you can at least get your money's worth from pricey store-bought bunches.

Even though fresh herbs beat the pants off their dried, ancient counterparts, most people I know don't have any kind of herb garden at home.

Prepara Herb-Savor
Prepara Herb-Savor Sharper Image

That can be for a lot of reasons. For one thing, most of us city folk don't have a lot of space. And even those lucky enough to have some outdoor space might not live in herb-friendly climates. Indoor gardens can be tricky (not to mention major countertop hogs in a space-challenged kitchen), and the AeroGarden gets only mixed reviews.

So what's a cook to do when she needs that extra flavor only fresh herbs can add? Unfortunately, the answer is usually: trek to the market, get in line, and buy a ridiculously overpriced packet of fresh dill or a gigantic bunch of cilantro, three-fourths of which will end up in the compost bucket.

Sharper Image now has a product that should make buying fresh herbs a little more reasonable. The Prepara Herb-Savor allows you to stand herbs up in a plastic container with their cut stems in fresh water. That can extend their lifespan to up to three weeks, according to the product page. A stainless steel basket keeps them bunched together and standing upright. And the whole contraption should fit in the door of a standard refrigerator, according to the site.

It's not as good as strolling off the back porch to a lush herb and vegetable garden, but the Herb-Savor might mean you can at least use more of the fresh herbs you do buy.

(Via Coolest Gadgets)