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This is what morning looks like on the International Space Station

Living in space has its perks, including mind-blowing views of the sunrise shining on Earth below.

What do you see when you first wake up in the morning? Perhaps a dark room, a glowing alarm clock or a cat staring down at your face. NASA astronaut Jeff Williams sees something a bit more dramatic. On Tuesday, he shared a panorama of his morning view from aboard the International Space Station. Check out the full high-res version from NASA.

The image shows the sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean. There's a wide, curved expanse of blue streaked with clouds and lit with a golden glow where the sun reaches down.

Williams tweeted the photo along with a note that he plans to hang this one on his wall. He won't have to wait too long. He's scheduled to return to Earth in September.

Williams' photography skills have been on display before. He posted a stunner showing a full moon rising above Earth's clouds in June. He is also the new holder of the record for most cumulative days in space for a NASA astronaut. He will have 534 days under his microgravity belt by the time he comes home.