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This is what Apple's website looked like in 1998

Go back in time with a GIF of at the dawn of the rainbow iMac -- as viewed on Netscape Navigator, naturally.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of .com, take a surf down memory lane. The Open University put together this GIF of what things looked like online in the 1990s. Using Netscape's Navigator browser, of course.

Charming, isn't it?

In May 1998, was showing off its latest breakthrough, the iMac. Who could forget the sunny, colorful (and dare we say adorable) all-in-one desktop? They called it "the most original Macintosh since the original Macintosh."

It seems a particularly fitting time to look back at what Apple was up to back then, just a week after it officially launched the Apple Watch (note: no "i") and ditched all but one port in the new MacBook (note: no CD-ROM drive).

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