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This is the quickest (and most insane) way to eat corn on the cob

Technically Incorrect: Put the corn on a power drill and turn on the drill. Watch this and don't copy it.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Do not show this to your dentist.

Tassia; YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

One of the most tiring and unsatisfying questions you can ask is "Why?"

Let's cast that one aside, then, and gawk at a man who decided corn on the cob was just too slow to eat.

He then must have spent many long and lonely nights considering how to bring corn on the cob into the "always-on" world.

And then it struck him: thread the corn onto the bit of a power drill and turn on the drill.

That will send it spinning very quickly.

The slightly more awkward part is risking many of your teeth by bringing them toward the corn in order to eat it.

Please do not try this at home or at your favorite neighborhood restaurant.

Please don't show it to your dentist either.

I feel it would give him or her too many ideas for a new revenue source.

This particular soon-to-be YouTube superstar appears to suffer no lasting damage from performing this risky feat.

I have a friend who's an excellent corn-on-the-cob eater.

She's not quite as quick as this speedy human, but she leaves the remains looking so smooth and perfectly sculpted that I imagine Michelangelo would be envious. All she does is start at one end and be extremely precise about her bites.

I recommend her method, rather than this.

There's one further thing that bothers me about this new method. It isn't so new.

Here's a 2015 YouTube video in which not one, but two human beings dip their drill-mounted corn into mayonnaise before turning on their drills.

They appear to have neither the art nor the drill speed of the latest claimant for corny fame.

And what are you having for dinner tonight?