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This is the lowest price ever on Samsung's 55-inch picture-frame TV

The Frame TV blends into your decor like no other flat-panel and doubles as wall art! Plus: A funky LED orb for your garden is just $14.44.

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TV or art? The CNET Smart Home living room features Samsung's The Frame TV, which turns into digital art when the TV turns off.

Josh Miller

Break open your piggy banks, cheeps. This might be the TV deal you've been saving for.

Ending Sunday, World Wide Stereo has the Samsung UN55LS003 4K UHD smart TV (aka "The Frame") for $1,397 shipped with promo code FLASH. That's at least $200 lower than you'll find it elsewhere -- and $600 less than when it debuted last year.

To be honest, this isn't something that's normally on my radar. Why would The Cheapskate tout a 55-inch TV that's $1,400 when you can literally buy one for $300?

I'll answer that question with another: Why do some folks buy iPhones, Sonos speakers and Beats headphones when there are considerably cheaper alternatives? Because some folks prize premium products or brands, and they're willing to pay for it. But why not pay less when the opportunity arises?

And make no mistake: The Frame is pretty damn cool. It's a TV built to look like a picture frame. It comes with a black bezel (other colors are available separately), a no-gap wall mount and a collection of over 100 works of art, which will show onscreen when the TV isn't doing TV things. You can also upload your own photos (giant digital photo-frame!) and mirror the screen from your mobile devices.

I'll turn you over to David Katzmaier's preview of "The Frame," which honestly makes me want one all the more. Forget the piggy-bank; I'd probably have to dip into the kids' college fund for this. Eh, it's going to be an all gig-economy in the future anyway, right? They'll be fine! My TV needs must be met.

Your thoughts? (Aside from, "You're a monster"?)

Egrd Online

Bonus deal: Let me throw some words at you: Color-changing solar-powered mosaic glass ball outdoor LED night-light. Whew! Now let me see if I can actually explain it.

About the size of a cantaloupe, this decorative glass orb has a solar-powered LED inside. Once the sun goes down, it lights up and illuminates the stars etched into the glass. Pretty cool.

And pretty cheap: For a limited time, Cheapskate readers can get this waterproof solar-powered LED decoration for $14.44 with promo code 150TD600. It's sold by Egrd Online via Amazon.

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As long as the solar panel gets light during the day, the LED runs for up to eight hours at night -- though I wouldn't describe it as super-bright. It can be a solid white light or it can slowly alternate between four colors.

The little toggle switch inside is hard to see, hard to reach and, because of its waterproof casing, hard to actually move. But once it's set, it's set. This is a nice little piece of backyard/garden decor for cheap.

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