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This is how much your Apple ID is worth on the dark web

Got $15.39? That's the going rate for an Apple login. But it pales in comparison to the value of a PayPal account.

James Martin/CNET

How much is your personal data worth?

The people behind Top 10 VPN, a review site for virtual private networks, has a breakdown of the going rates for various forms of login information. 

An Apple ID will fetch $15.39 on the dark web, a hidden network of sites that allow people to communicate anonymously, while a Netflix login costs $8.32. Those pale in comparison to personal finance logins, with a PayPal account fetching the most at $247. Following behind are online banking details, which cost $160.15. 

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On the shopping side, logins to Amazon and Walmart will each fetch $9. Macy's is the "premium" player in this category at $15.34. 

On the other end of the spectrum, dating site login information is the least valuable, with a Dating.com profile costing you $2.60. 

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