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This is how die-hard 'Star Wars' fans do parenting

Real "Star Wars" parents try to forget the prequels happened, and don't you even utter the words Jar Jar Binks in this household.

This is how you tell your kids about the prequels. You don't! Fowl Language Comics

When it comes to teaching kids about "Star Wars," cartoonist Brian Gordon knows exactly what to do. Gordon runs the online comic strip Fowl Language, which is largely inspired by his love of all things geek and his experiences as a parent.

In Monday's comic, Gordon perfectly demonstrates how to introduce any child to "Star Wars," and of course it involves starting with the original trilogy. After the second Death Star is destroyed at the end of "Return of the Jedi," your child will likely ask you if there are more awesome "Star Wars" movies you can watch together. The only correct answer to this question is, of course, an emphatic "no!"

And, in case that lesson in "Star Wars" parenting isn't enough, Gordon added a bonus panel that tells you what to do if your child ever asks you about Jar Jar Binks.

Jar Jar is a dirty word in this house, mister. Go put a quarter in the swear jar. Fowl Language Comics