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See how a giant T. rex gets fitted for a festive Christmas sweater

The Natural History Museum in London dressed its big T. rex in a jumbo holiday jumper.

It's very slimming.

Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

As researchers explore important questions about Tyrannosaurus Rex, like how many roamed Earth and how powerful their bites were, we just got the answer to another big one: how to dress one up in a festive Christmas sweater. 

Yes, I said Christmas sweater because I'm in the US, but the Natural History Museum of London uses UK terminology and therefore recently decked a large T. Rex out in a "custom-made Christmas jumper." The museum shared a video of the process, which wasn't easy.

The video is a time lapse of the measuring, adjusting and final dressing-up of a nearly life-size animatronic T. rex that passes its time roaring at museum-goers. The jumper -- which features silhouettes of T. rex and other dinos -- does seem to reduce the fear factor somewhat.

The sweater was custom-cut and fitted and features tiny little arms to accommodate the beast's famously dainty appendages. It has a turtleneck design so the dinosaur's long neck stays cozy.

Of course, the sweater-wearing T. rex isn't scientifically accurate. The carnivorous dinosaurs obviously weren't able to knit considering their anatomical challenges and the lack of yarn and knitting needles during the Cretaceous. 

The museum's festive fashion model will wear its sweater through Dec. 24. Yes, you can buy a little plush version or get yourself a matching human-sized sweater so you can go visit T. rex and shout "Twinsies!" as it roars at you.