This iron has legs

Ever gotten distracted while ironing? You rush off to answer a phone call or get the door, leave the heated iron on your fancy linen shirt and come back to find an iron-shaped imprint on your garb. Not a good look.

Oliso has come up with a workaround for easily distracted iron wielders--the Touch&Glide, which automatically stands up on built-in legs as soon as it senses a user's hand releasing the handle. Grasp the arm again and digital sensors feel the pressure and command a micro-motor to pull the iron back down onto the ironing board. An auto shut-off feature turns the device off if it's plugged in but not being used.

Credit: Oliso

The company also touts the iron as ergonically sensible: Since it stays in a horizontal position, users don't have to strain their wrists or elbows by constantly lifting the product into a vertical stance between ironing strokes.

The Touch&Glide, released on Friday, is currently available online for $117, as well as on the Home Shopping Network. It's set to hit department stores in mid-September.

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