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This iPod holder gives that warm, fuzzy feeling

Listen to your iPod while skiing with the iSoundCap ski cap.

Here's yet another excuse to have those white headphones stuck in your ears: Wear your iPod Nano while flying down a snow-covered ski slope at death-defying speeds. It'll be like you're the star of your own extreme snowboard movie, complete with awesome soundtrack.

We brought you the iSoundCap hat a while ago, but it being, you know, cold outside now, there had to be another reason to sell an iPod holder, right? Of course.

iSoundCap ski cap

The iSoundCap ski cap comes in red, white, black and kakhi, and is made of 100 percent acrylic. Though the idea of synthetic fibers can generally be shudder-inducing, in this case, it's the best way to keep your music player dry and your head warm simultaneously. There's also a clear, plastic cover that allows access to the scroll wheel.

Like iSoundCap's other products, the earbud wires can be tucked up into the hat. Whether or not this ups your cool factor on the slopes is unclear. For me, it will just make my lack of coordination seem so ... poetic. Or something.