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This iPod does video

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils an iPod that lets you play last night's episode of "Lost." Also onstage: a slim new iMac.

Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs unveils an iPod that lets you play last night's episode of "Lost." Also onstage: a slim new iMac.

Apple unveils video iPod, new iMac

Besides the new hardware, just as significant is a service for buying short films, TV shows and music videos.
October 12, 2005

photos Apple unveils long-rumored video iPod and new iMac G5.
October 12, 2005

Apple cuts the TV out of TV programming

Apple's foray into TV is likely to change media distribution. But it could be a harder business than music.
October 12, 2005

Computing's video dreams

perspective CNET's Michael Kanellos lists seven reasons why video is a tech turn-off.
October 13, 2005

Apple bloggers hot for iMac, not for iPod

If early reactions from the blog community are any indication, Apple fans won't be in a big hurry to buy the company's new releases.
October 12, 2005

FAQ: Some details behind Apple's announcement

Following the announcement of new iMacs and a video-capable iPod, CNET responds to some questions.
October 12, 2005

photos Apple CEO uses himself as a model to demonstrate effects available via Photo Booth on new iMac.
October 12, 2005

Apple's video jump-start

news.commentary The iPod maker marks a watershed moment for online videos with its new iPod, iMac and iTunes offerings.
October 14, 2005

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New iPods for the holidays

Apple exec says some "very innovative" iPods are coming this year. Does that mean Wednesday?
October 11, 2005

Antitrust truce frees rivals for bite at Apple

Steve Jobs rebuffed RealNetworks 18 months ago. Today's deal with Microsoft now bolsters an anti-iPod alliance.
October 11, 2005

Apple earnings top estimates

The company narrowly beat analysts' expectations, but attention from investors is focused on what's next for the Mac maker.
October 11, 2005

'iPod tax' coming to Japan?

The country's music industry ask the government to charge a royalty on sales of portable music players.
The New York Times
October 10, 2005