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This iPhone-controlled RC car climbs walls

The iPhone Controlled Climbing Car iW500 defies gravity and sticks to walls and ceilings. How does it do it?

The iPhone Controlled Wall Climbing Car iW500 retails for $59.95.

Recently, we did a short post on Dexim's mini iOS-controlled Monster Truck. Well, we've now come across a gravity-defying iOS-controlled car aptly called the iPhone Controlled Wall Climbing Car iW500.

What's the trick? Or should we say, what makes it stick?

Apparently, this RC car actually has an integrated vacuum that lets it hug walls and even drive upside-down on ceilings.

Like Dexim's App Speed Monster Truck, the car comes bundled with a transmitter that you plug into the bottom of your iPhone or iPod Touch (it should work with an iPad as well) and you download a free app to control the car.

The iW500's integrated 3.7V, 200mAh lithium polymer battery charges via USB and gets you about 10 minutes of drive time on a 30-minute charge. It's also worth noting that the transmitter can be set to three frequencies so you can get some wall-to-wall racing in with up to two other friends with iW500s (you'd just need a cylindrical room). is selling the Wall Climbing car for $59.95. It comes in blue or red. Check out the video below but lower the volume before you do (warning: irritating soundtrack).