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This holiday season, don't forget the Indie Ninjas

Design blog Notcot compiles a gift guide for the kids who like to say hi-ya.

Ninjas are cuddly

The dual phenomena of video games and the Internet have spawned all kinds of odd subcultures. There are the obvious ones, like the l337 haxx0r bunch, or "Final Fantasy" cosplayers; and the not-so-obvious ones, like Vox bloggers with Blythe doll infatuations. (Apparently it's really big over there.)

And then there are Indie Ninjas, which Notcot recently devoted some attention to. We all know at least one or two of them. They're too geeky to be hipsters, a little too off-center to be straight-up geeks, and they have some weird interests. Maybe they're really into Homestar Runner, still play Mortal Kombat all the time, have a thing for samurai flicks, and have nicknamed you "Splinter." But most importantly, they will violently lash out at anyone who thinks that ninjas are inferior to pirates. Not even Johnny Depp in Captain Jack Sparrow mode could defeat a ninja, according to Indie Ninjas.

In order to make it easier to shop this holiday season for the Indie Ninjas you know and love, Notcot has made a gift list on "shopcasting" site ThisNext. From a vampire chair to SanDisk's USB-meets-SD card, I'm sure you'll find something.