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This guy is selling his vintage computer collection on Twitter

Want a bunch of old computers? Benj Edwards is selling his collection on Twitter.


Benj Edwards is selling his collection of old computers on Twitter.

Benj Edwards/Twitter

Journalist Benj Edwards took to Twitter on Monday offering up his collection of vintage computers for sale. Here's what he had to say:

Does anybody want to buy a computer collection I have been gathering since 1993? This is less than half of it [in the image displayed above and in his original post below]. I am considering a move, and I'm not sure these can go with me to the new place. Would love to keep them all together somehow. Want to start a museum?

Edwards added a link in a follow-up Tweet to a list of his complete collection, categorized by type such as "Non-IBM PC Compatible Computers" and "IBM PC Original, Compatible, or Derivative Computers."