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This guy has the most insane Lego collection in his basement

What does it look like to own 250,000 Lego bricks? Take a tour of a US architect's basement complete with custom-built shelves and IKEA bins to hold and display his massive Lego collection.

Architect Jeffrey Pelletier is a huge Lego fan, and has been ever since he was a kid. Unlike those of us who have given up our Lego hobbies and moved on to different kinds of toys, Pelletier still spends his free time building amazing things out of the bricks, and says Lego, at least in part, inspired him to be an architect.

Over the years, Pelletier has amassed quite the Lego collection, and has over a quarter of a million Lego pieces in his Seattle home.

Pelletier gave the folks over at Houzz TV an inside look at his extensive solution for storing and displaying his massive collection, which includes a custom-built shelving unit with hundreds of plastic IKEA tupperware bins to keep his Legos organized by size, shape and color.

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The storage solution was added in 2013 when Pelletier and his husband remodeled their 1902 Seattle home. The couple also added a full bar in the basement so they could enjoy some adult beverages while playing with their Lego toys.

Houzz's video tour of the gorgeous house went up on Tuesday. Watch it above to see Pelletier's amazing Lego collection in action, and if you geek out to home remodels like I do, check out the rest of their remodel on Houzz.

This is the perfect basement setup for the ultimate Lego fan. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

(Via Kotaku)