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This faux Sony PSP costs $66 and runs Android 4.0

Knockoff versions of video game hardware exist ad nauseam, but even Crave writer Christopher MacManus can't believe the advanced features within this bootleg device.

Would you buy this on a whim? JXD

If you need a daily dose of gaming on the cheap and don't mind exploring the seedy underworld of imitation hardware, check out the S602, a ridiculous $66 Sony PSP lookalike by Chinese company JXD.

Aside from looking almost exactly like a Sony PSP, the device features Android 4.0 and an ARM Cortex A8 1GHz processor, PowerVR SGX531 graphics, Wi-Fi, and 512MB of DDR3 RAM. The 4.3-inch touch screen (resistive) displays a resolution of 480x272 and also supports 1,080P HDMI out. Unlike most modern consumer electronics sold here in the U.S., the little handheld that could supports a healthy amount of multimedia formats and codecs.

Technical mumbo jumbo aside, the S602 inherently plays Android games, as well as emulation for PlayStation 1, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, SNES, NES, and more. With that in mind, say goodbye to the real world and hello to hundreds of hours of gameplay.

The reviews for the predecessor model, S601, seem poor and speak of questionable button quality and poor Wi-Fi -- meaning only the brave should attempt the S602. However, while exploring the Web site that sells this PSP-wannabe, we spotted a number of PlayStation Vita clones that cost a few dozen dollars more with even more advanced features, such as the JXD S5110 and Yinlips TDPG18A, both with five-inch touch screens and even more powerful features than the S602.

(Via Obscure Handhelds)