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​This Eleven figure from 'Stranger Things' needs to be real

Toy maker Funko crafts an Eleven figure from "Stranger Things" in its signature Pop Vinyl style, complete with an Eggo waffle and bloody nose.

Toy company Funko is known for its downright adorable collectibles for everything from Star Trek to "Sherlock."

So with the runaway success of the sci-fi/horror Netflix series "Stranger Things," it's no wonder Funko wants to create a line of Pop Vinyl figures tied to the show.

In an effort to get the attention of "Stranger Things" creators Matt and Ross Duffer, Funko tweeted a mockup on Tuesday of one of the more popular characters, Eleven, a little girl of few words and impressive powers.

The Pop Vinyl figure of Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) features her super-short hair, bloody nose from using her psychic powers, and her borrowed pink dress and blue jacket. She's even holding her favorite food: Eggo waffles.

Fingers crossed the Duffer brothers give the go-ahead so we can see Funko versions of the rest of the cast too.