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This egg timer sings 'Carmina Burana'

The BeepEgg lets you know when your eggs are perfectly boiled with an entertaining twist.

When it comes to egg timers, the BeepEgg really stands out. When you're boiling eggs, you simply plop the plastic egg into the pan along with the real eggs you're planning to cook. The BeepEgg will warn you when your eggs reach the soft-boiled point by playing "Killing Me Softly."


If you'd rather have medium-boiled eggs, just wait to remove your eggs until you hear "I Wish I Was A Hen." And if you're after hard-boiled eggs, it's just a matter of waiting until you hear the strains of "Carmina Burana." The egg also beeps when the water starts to boil.

The BeepEgg uses an internal thermostat to measure the water temperature throughout the cooking process, and uses the information to calculate just what is going on inside the nearby eggs. It's important to store the BeepEgg alongside your real eggs, to make sure that they all start out at the same basic temperature.

The egg timer works well with medium and large eggs. If you normally go for extra large eggs, just remember to wait 30 seconds after the BeepEgg bursts into song. The BeepEgg is for stovetop use only--if you're planning to cook your eggs in the microwave, this egg timer can't really help you.