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This drone is no match for a history reenactor with a spear

A strong arm, good aim and a period-correct spear is all it takes to knock a drone out of the sky during a history reenactment.

We've seen drones snatched out of the sky by everything from a flying pumpkin to an F-16 fighter jet. We now have an example of sheer human strength and determination, with video footage of a drone getting knocked out by a history reenactor with a spear. The drone filmed its own demise. You can see the warrior heft his weapon, take aim and launch it right at the camera.

There's very little background available on the circumstances surrounding the video, other than that it takes place at a history festival in central Russia. There appears to be a battle reenactment happening on the ground, with armed fighters clashing in period-style gear while onlookers watch the proceedings. The presence of quite a few cars and portable potties indicates this is a good-size event, probably on par with a Renaissance fair. The drone attack could well have been staged, but the rest of the crowd seems surprised and amused by the action.

The video comes via the Russia Today YouTube channel, which credits Gennady Tolcheyev for the original footage. It comes with a very modern soundtrack that doesn't even try to fit in with the ancient garb on display. That's OK, though. We're not here for the music. We're here for the entertaining drone takedown.

(Via Laughing Squid)