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This Division 1.3 patch hits PS4 following delay, Xbox One and PC also updated

A huge weapon balance update lands on PlayStation 4, while all three platforms get a new patch that fixes some bugs.

Following its release last week on Xbox One and PC, The Division's huge 1.3 update landed today, July 5, on PlayStation 4. It was originally pegged to launch on all platforms at the same time, but Ubisoft delayed it on Sony's system. Additionally, a new update for all platforms has also arrived, fixing some bugs.

The new PS4 update does not, however, unlock The Division's Underground expansion. It's already available on Xbox One and PC, and comes to PS4 on August 2. DLC for The Division launches first on Xbox One and PC per a timed-exclusivity arrangement between Microsoft and Ubisoft.

In addition to the weapon balance changes and bug fixes in 1.3 (see the full patch notes here), the new update for PS4, Xbox One and PC fixes a bug where High Value Target NPCs were incorrectly capped at a max level of 30. The problem where the High Value Targets were not dropping any Target intel has also been fixed.


Here are two other fixes included with the new update for all platforms:

  • Fixed a bug where players who died after defeating the final encounter would be able to repeat it and gain loot again.
  • Fixed instances of server instability that could lead to players being disconnected from the game.

The Division's servers were offline for around 3 hoursto make these changes and should be back up and operational now.