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This Day in Tech: Police assisted Apple in search for lost iPhone

Too busy to keep up with today's tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET for Friday, September 2.

Too busy to keep up with today's tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET (and elsewhere) for Friday, September 2.

•The saga of the lost iPhone continues. First, a man confirmed someone had searched his home for an unreleased iPhone. Then today, police said they assisted Apple in that effort. "Apple came to us saying that they were looking for a lost item," San Francisco Police Department spokesman Lt. Troy Dangerfield said, according to a report this afternoon by SF Weekly.

•The Chevy Camaro is popular online with 1.8 million followers. CNET's Suzanne Ashe wrote: "The amount of Camaro's Facebook fans not only outnumbers Chevy's parent company, but also several other automakers. As of today, General Motors has 285,773 fans. Ford Motor has 854,991 fans, and the Ford Mustang is close behind Camaro with 1.6 million fans. Honda has 1.2 million fans, Mazda has 355,129, and Toyota USA has 520,209 fans."

•Google closes down 10 businesses, in what it calls "fall spring-cleaning."

•Windows Phone may do better than expected. It might capture 20 percent of the smartphone market over the next couple of years.

•Time to buy a solid-state drive?

•Labor Day deal: Free (and discounted) Gameloft games for Android.

•LinkedIn mines entrepreneur profiles to discover schools and other things they have in common.

•iPad, move over for Amazon's Kindle Tablet, which might be the first successful Android Tablet. According to MediaPost, "a lower-cost Amazon model also could help accelerate tablet adoption overall and establish it as the 'third category' between PCs and mobile phones Steve Jobs described at the iPad's launch last year."

•This is not a good day for Internet billionaire Jeff Bezos. The vertical takeoff and landing spacecraft he funded misfired and was destroyed.

•George Bush's brother Neil is a popular social media star in China.

•So what's the result of the Starz deal falling through? You won't be able to watch movies like The Expendables and The Karate Kid. Blockbuster and Dish might take on Netflix in video streaming.

•Check out the gadgets that caught our attention at the IFA Berlin consumer electronics show.