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This Day in Tech: LulzSec hacks U.S. Senate site; Man gets sued after tweeting about wife's affair

Too busy to keep up with the tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET for Thursday, June 16.

Too busy to keep up with the tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET for Thursday, June 16.

Clouds gather over RIM The BlackBerry maker reports $4.9 billion in earnings, below the $5.2 billion it expected, and announces layoffs starting next quarter. Shares of the company were halted just before the news hit. More

Senator renews pledge to update digital-privacy law
Sen. Patrick Leahy says law enforcement concerns kept him from proposing that search warrants be required for police to learn the previous locations of Americans' cell phones. More

'Sleep' author: I don't support piracy
Despite a boost for "Go the F*** to Sleep" from the viral spread of a pirated PDF, author Adam Mansbach says that encouraging content theft is not a marketing strategy. More

Facebook going Spartan to take on Apple?
The social network could unveil an HTML5-based, Safari-centric platform in the coming weeks that would mark a major challenge to Apple's App Store, according to TechCrunch. More

Report: U.S. Senate site hacked again
Those responsible for the confirmed breach have not come forward or been publicly identified so far. However, the same site was hacked over the weekend by LulzSec.More

Ultrawideband gets humans one step closer to 'tricorder'
Electrical engineers present work confirming that ultrawideband radio technology could vastly improve remote, continuous, real-time health monitoring. More

Cuckold dresses down wife's lover on Twitter, gets sued
A plumber plumbs the depths of despair when he discovers his wife is allegedly having an affair. He broadcasts details about her alleged lover on Twitter and the Web and gets sued for harassment. More

Mobile devices erode traditional gaming space Video featuring Kara Tsuboi, John Davison
Console-makers Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony have always competed with each other. Now it seems Google and Apple are rapidly leaping into the gaming world as well, which could change the game entirely. CNET News' Kara Tsuboi reports from the E3 gaming show in Los Angeles. More

Apple sued over its use of 'iBook'
New York book publisher claims it acquired the trademark in relation to e-books with assets of a company that sold books under the "ibooks" name starting in 1999. More

Pandora IPO debacle: Shares plunge following debut
In the second day of trading, shares of the online radio company fall below the IPO price. More

How to post only certain tweets to Facebook How-to
Managing status updates on both a Twitter and Facebook account can be a chore. Selective Twitter is a solution that helps cut back on having to double post updates by sending selective tweets to your Facebook profile. More

Playing on TVs of the future: Smell-O-Vision?
Odor pixels are poised to take Smell-O-Vision to the next level with a smell-generating component for TVs and cell phones under development at UC San Diego. Hopefully it will block those decaying-corpse smells from police dramas. More

Google Nexus 4G: Destroyer of smart phones Video featuring Molly Wood
In Buzz this week, the phone that will take the smart phone arms race nuclear, Google's mapping YOU, and the Apple-Samsung catfight goes on. More

2011 Kia Optima Hybrid Video featuring Brian Cooley
Kia puts its own spin on a hybrid sedan. More

DeepShot syncs running apps between computer, phone
MIT grad student and Google employee develops a system that lets users transfer open applications between a computer and a cell phone just by pointing the phone's camera at the computer screen. More