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This Day in Tech: Google may have records of where you've been; inside Lego's headquarters

Too busy to keep up with today's tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET for Wednesday, June 15.

Too busy to keep up with today's tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET for Wednesday, June 15.

Exclusive: Google's Web mapping can track your phone
Google and Skyhook Wireless may have records of the physical location of your computers or mobile devices, CNET has learned. Get the full details

Chrome encrypts Gmail, like it or not
Google is a big target for those who want to pry into others' e-mail accounts. The company's browser work is designed to make Gmail harder to hack. More

Pandora, a good service but poor investment
news analysis The Web radio station went public today and investors were getting frothy. But it has too little going for it to justify investment. More

Cable operators to Netflix: Bring it on
Cable operators at the NCTA's Cable Show say they are happy to compete with Netflix, but they don't think the streaming-video service will be able to afford the cost of sports programming. More

5 reasons an unlocked iPhone is important
An unlocked iPhone is not a new thing for Apple, but offering it in the U.S. is. CNET breaks down why this is an important move for Apple and its iPhone. More

Civil rights groups line up behind AT&T/T-Mobile merger
AT&T is getting support from all corners for its bid for T-Mobile, even from groups like GLAAD, the NAACP, and the Sierra Club. More

Bounty set for negating Lodsys patents
scoop The group that's gone after a number of mobile app developers and big companies alike is now having its four patents targeted for invalidation by a crowdsourced research group. More

Watch Lego make its bricks
CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman got a rare opportunity to visit the production, processing, and packaging lines at Lego's Denmark headquarters. It was every Lego fan's dream. See the storied production

Libyan rebels turn toys into robo weapons
Call it a weapon of clever construction. Libyan rebels are scrapping together improvised fighting machines with materials that include a Power Wheels jeep. More

SmartFuel app saves drivers gas money, muggings
New app locates the cheapest gas prices along your driving route, also allowing users to rate gas stations on their safety, security, and cleanliness. More

Gamers, get ready to drool
The 2011 Alienware M11x makes big leaps forward in performance, graphics, and battery life, and keeps a low price. Anyone looking for a portable gaming-ready laptop will have a hard time resisting the urge to pick one of these up. Find out why it rocks

Our five favorite tablets (video)
Here you'll find a video roundup of the highest-rated tablets from CNET editors. Watch the Top 5

Introducing CNET How To
We just upped our game considerably. Launching with more than 700 hacks, tips, and tricks, CNET's new How To section is the Web's premier destination for learning how to tweak your tech to make life more fun. Get hackin'!

How to erase your Google Maps search history
If you've done a lot of exploring on Google Maps, chances are your search history is relatively large. Having so many locations in the history can be cumbersome when entering new addresses or when simply trying to protect your privacy. Follow the steps below to clear out your Google Maps search history. More