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This Day in Tech: A look at Google+; crowdsourcing questions for Obama

Too busy to keep up with today's tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET for Thursday, June 30.


Too busy to keep up with today's tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET for Thursday, June 30.

A hands-on look at Google+, using Google+
The CNET News staff takes a look at Google's new social-networking site. We like how Circles lets users segment friends, but we think the way the system suggests connections is challenging. Check out the new social service. More

Behind the scenes at TechShop (photos)
As maker hub TechShop expands with a new location in San Jose, Calif., CNET's Boonsri Dickinson takes a tour of the San Francisco operation to see how members are taking prototyping into their own hands. More

RIM fires back at open letter
After the posting of an anonymous open letter detailing problems with RIM's management, products, and marketing, the company responds with its own, unsigned response asserting that things are in good shape. More

Microsoft kills Hohm energy app
Blaming slow market adoption, Microsoft pulls the plug on its home energy management tool only a week after Google abandons its PowerMeter electricity-monitoring app. More

MySpace lays off more than half its staff
The latest round of cuts at the beleaguered social network come as part of its sale to Specific Media. More

Twitter: We're crowdsourcing questions for Obama
A Twitter spokesman says questions for the president's town hall meeting will be selected by "curators" drawn from its user base. Let the legalize pot advocacy begin! More

Facebook to 'launch something awesome' next week
Mark Zuckerberg didn't say what his company has planned, but speculation abounds that it might have something to do with the mobile or tablet markets. More

Want to quit smoking? Try text message support
Researchers behind the "txt2stop" trial find that regular, supportive texts encouraging participants to persevere doubled success rates over a control group. More

Sprint's M2M lab: Where machines do the talking
In Sprint's M2M Collaboration Center outside near San Francisco the carrier demonstrates M2M solutions for helping machines talk to each other. More

How to use iPhoto Places
iPhoto Places can be used with or without GPS-enabled cameras. Learn how with this brief tutorial. More