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This clock tracks time--and crime

Behold the radio/police scanner/weather checker/atomic clock.

Atomic time desktop weather station
Hammacher Schlemmer

Fans of the multitasking gadget, get a load of this baby. It's a radio/police scanner/weather checker/atomic clock that will also clean your house and raise your children!

Actually, scratch those last two capabilities, but the product does combine AM/FM radio functions with police, traffic, weather and TV bands, in addition to atomic clock technology that automatically synchs with a signal from the National Institute of Standards and Technology's timekeeping system. (This latter feature, in short, apparently means an accuracy that'll make it much harder for you to blame your tardiness on the watch.)

And while you're busy being on time, you'll simultaneously be able to tune in to your favorite morning news show, see if you need to bring along an umbrella and find out how much crime is going down in your neighborhood.

The $200 desktop station, which we first spotted on Uber-Review, has 300 scanning channels and 20 presets. It also, thank goodness, has a snooze button. 'Cuz we'd really hate to see that timeless clock feature get phased out by technology.