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This Christmas, your company's getting an iPhone in a box

David Maynor has an ingenious penetration tool.

George Ou (yes, that George Ou!) has an interesting preview of David Maynor's (yes, that David Maynor!) presentation tomorrow at DEFCON 16.

The horny one doesn't know if David's ingenious idea was inspired by the dick in a box, but to riff on a theme:

1) Get a box
2) Put a hacked iPhone attached to an external battery and running reconnaissance or penetration (ahem) tools in the box
3) Mail the box to your girl some company
4) Penetrate (the Macalope said "ahem" already!) said company

And that's how you do it!

While many companies have their shipping and receiving done at separate locations because of more traditional kaboom-related threats, this is still pretty Mission: Impossible.

The usual jokers will probably take this as another sign of why iPhones shouldn't be allowed in the enterprise.